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Gutters often go neglected. Gutters and downspouts are components of storm water drainage systems, and because it doesn’t always rain, it is easy to overlook the condition of this system until you really need it.

Gutters, downspouts, and related storm water drainage components do more than move rain water around. They also help in the maintenance of your home in several ways, and when they need repair or replacement, problems can develop in other parts of the house.

Neglected Gutters Lead to Peeling Paint

When gutter and downspouts are absent or not working properly, water and snow from the roof can run down the side of the house, leading to peeling paint and a need to repaint the house more frequently.

Water stains are another common problem when gutters are missing or broken. Staining can also be a problem with paint-free sidings, such as vinyl siding. Rainwater from the roof contains dirt, grime, and plant residues which can leave ugly stains on the siding when rainwater doesn’t go into gutters and downspouts.

Besides damaging the look of the exterior, missing and broken gutters also eventually lead to rot and mildew in wood siding, window frames, and doors, and this can affect the quality of the indoor environment by producing unpleasant odors and increased allergens.

Gutters Keep Water Out of Basements and Crawl Areas

Without a well-designed system of gutters, downspouts, and storm drains around a house, water simply drains off of the roof right next to the foundation. From there, it is easy for this moisture to seep under the house into the crawl space or basement.

If you have a crawl space, or you don’t frequently go into your basement, you may not see or realized the damage happening under your house from a lack of a well-designed and maintained storm water drainage system.

Water collecting under the house is also a frequent source of mold and mildew odors inside the house. The best way of preventing this is keeping gutters, downspouts, and other storm water drainage systems in good repair.

Gutters and Drains Prevent Flooded Walkways

When a house lacks gutters or does not have a needed in-ground drainage system, water draining from the roof often pours out onto walkways and driveways, making pedestrian traffic difficult or even dangerous.

Storm water systems sometimes require additional, buried drainage pipes for funneling water from the end of the downspout to a place where it can safely drain onto the street, into a natural drainage basin, or connect to a public storm drain system.

Another option is creating a French drain with the bottom of the trench sloping away from the house and the trench back filled with gravel. This type of in-ground drainage system can redirect water from downspouts as well as water from other sources, keeping it away from the perimeter of the house.

Installing and Repairing Gutters and Downspouts

Installing gutters and downspouts and designing a storm water drainage system requires experience, good workmanship, and the right tools and equipment.

In order for gutters and drainage systems to work properly, they must slope a small, but the critical amount and gutter sections must be fitted together tightly and sealed, so they don’t leak. Installing gutters is a precision job. Gutter repair is very important. It can save you thousands of dollars, instead of waiting and have to replace your whole system.

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