What Is Involved In Replacing Your Damaged Roof?

When you are looking at a building, one of the first things you see is the roof. Keeping the roof in good condition will not only keep you but increases property value as well. If you have a damaged roof today’s market offers a wide variety of roofing options so it is not difficult to find something that will fulfill your requirements.

Types of Roofing

The main types of roofing Raleigh on today’s market are:

• Metal (this is available in sheets, shakes, shingles and tiles)

• Wood (shingles, shakes)

• Tile (clay or ceramic)

The type chosen will depend on the architecture of the building, the area in which you live and how much you want to spend. However, most people choose wood shingles or shakes. for more about Raleigh NC roofing, click here.

Types of Wood Shakes or Shingles

Both shakes and shingles are manufactured from pine, redwood, and western red cedar trees. Wood shingles have uniform thickness and are 18 inches or 24 inches long. Shakes are thicker in the butt end and have one or both sides split to feature a textured effect.

When you purchase cedar shakes or shingles you will find they are pressure treated with preservatives and fire retardants. In addition to helping in retarding fire, it also helps protect against weather that causes rot or decay. Pine shakes, made from southern pine, are also treated with preservatives.

The Cedar Shake and Single Bureau (CSSB) Standard CSSB-97 lists rules for wood grading shingles and shakes. The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) recommends cedar shingles and shakes have a minimum No. l grade requiring no face defects, 100 percent edge grain and a clear heartwood.

Roof Installation

Installing a roof requires personnel who are fully experienced in the industry. It does not just consist of slapping on some shingles. A ridge rent, starter strip, titanium backing, valley flashing, fasteners, gutters Raleigh NC, chimney cap (if needed) are also required. The titanium backing is a material that is especially designed to repel algae and is laid flat on the roof prior to installation of the shingles.

Before installation of a roof is begun, a thorough inspection of the roof is required. In the majority of cases, the old shingles must be removed, down to the bare wood, in order to lay the titanium backing. If the roof is in really bad shape it may require putting new plywood over the existing studs. The new shingles are then attached to present a beautiful roof.


Every shingle and shake manufacturing company has a warranty on their product. This warranty varies according to the grade and construction of the roofing material. It will, as a rule, cover failures in the shingles or shakes such as splitting, curling and so forth.

In addition to the manufacturing company warranty, you will also have the roofing contractor’s warranty. That concerns the workmanship used in installing the roof. Both warranties should be carefully read so that you understand what to do if something goes wrong with your new roof.

Choosing Your Contractor

Choosing a capable roof concractor will require some work on your part. You need to be sure the business is established, has a good reputation, is covered by insurance, is certified, is state licensed, offers good warranties, has highly trained employees, will provide a written quote and has quality products.

Their website should display favorable reviews and they should offer the work at reasonable prices. Remember, a really cheap price does not necessarily mean good work. Always check with a number of contractors to determine the standard price for installing or repairing a roof.

A good contractor is someone who understands your problem and is willing to work with you to obtain a roof that will be long lasting and offer the best weather protection possible.

Looking at a Contractor’s Work

In today’s modern world it is possible to view the work of a good contractor through the use of videos. This offers the opportunity to actually see the various types of roofs involved, the various steps of installation and other things that are connected with this type of project prior to contacting the company.

Another advantage of video viewing includes being able to visualize work being done, in detail, and being able to take your time to determine what is best for your situation. This is definitely a win-win situation and gives you a tremendous choice in deciding the type of roof you want installed on your building.

If you live in the Raleigh, NC area a good roofing company in the area is Rain-Go Exteriors. If you are considering a new roof it is recommended you call them at 919-875-0700 and learn about their company and the free estimate they offer.