Do you need Raleigh Roofing? Below is the general process we go through with all of our customers.

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1) Inspection

The first thing we do is inspect your roof to determine the extent of the damage. This is necessary for us to give you an accurate estimate based on the type of damage and what the Raleigh roofing repair will require.

2) Insurance Help

Next we will give you some tips for how you can reduce your costs thorough your homeowners insurance. We want to make the process as simple and easy for you.

3) Proposal & Contract

Next we will send you a proposal and contract explaining everything that we will be doing in detail. The contract will be finalized and signed, and the payment will be sent.

4) Scheduling

Next we will work with you to setup a day where we will start working on your roofing. The length of the entire process depends on the extent of your damage, and the earlier you are able to schedule with us the better. We only work with our full time team, and we stay busy with projects.

5) Roofing Project Preparation

Before we start your Raleigh roofing project, we make sure that everything is setup so none of your property will be damaged during your process, and cleanup will be simple. We cover anything necessary, and then begin the process of fixing your roof.

6) Project Cleanup

After your roof has been completed, we make sure that we leave your property just as good as we found it. We take pride in our work, and we treat your home as we would our own!

7) Follow up & Our Guarantee

We will then followup with you on the job and make sure you are satisfied with our work. We guarantee our work for 10 years, and the materials are guaranteed for 20!