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Are you looking for a roofing contractor in Raleigh that will deliver durable and quality results? Many homeowners choose Rain-Go over other roofing companies for the following reasons:

Master Shingle Applicator

Tim Howell, the owner of Rain-Go, is a Licensed General Contractor. With the goal of selecting a highly skilled team, he has hand picked and carefully screened each member. Our well-trained staff is capable of improving any exterior for your home or commercial building. We offer top-notch roofing Raleigh repair services, roofing installation, replacement of your rotten wood/fascia/soffit/gutters/guards, fixing your windows and doors, or even building your deck or screen porch.

Residential & Commercial Raleigh NC Roofing Services

Roofing Services

leaky roof can cost you thousands of dollars in damage. Even the smallest leaks can ruin insulation, sheetrock, electrical components, flooring, and more. Additionally, moisture will promote the growth of mold and mildew, reducing air quality. Look into roofing repair Raleigh NC estimates immediately, before a minor problem causes expensive damage to your home or health issues with you and your family.

If your answer was yes to one or more of those questions, we can help! The team at Rain-Go Exteriors in Raleigh realizes a quality roof is a big investment. Whether you need new shingles installed on your roof or any kind of roof replacements, you can depend on our excellent and well-experienced roofer Raleigh professionals for a fast and thorough job. Our team has the skills and expertise for projects involving any type of roofing system.

How To Choose the Top-Notch Roofing Contractor in Raleigh For Your Project

Buying a new roof system is a major investment in your home, so consumers should always educate themselves on the different aspects of each business. The first step is choosing a reputable, licensed roofing company for the job.

Licensed Raleigh roofing contractor with Warranties

The best roofing contractor in Raleigh should be licensed in the state he works and have the financial resources to service any warranties offered. You can obtain this information from the Raleigh Better Business Bureau, which monitors a company’s performance and complaints filed by consumers. You also can verify the contractor’s license through your state board of general contractors.

Proof of Workers Compensation and General Liability

Check the business’s policy closely to ensure it is not a “Ghost Policy”, or ask the insurance company about coverage. “Ghost Policies” are worthless policies that only cover the contractor if audited- aka no coverage for subcontractor’s completing the work. In these situations, subcontractors may go after your homeowners’ insurance for injuries.

Rain-Go has been in the roofing and construction industry since 1998, and we have heard and witnessed plenty of horror stories from choosing sleazy roofing companies. These stories range from lawsuits of subcontractors pursing homeowners insurance to roofs in Raleigh held together by nothing but duct tape over rotten plywood.  This makes us a perfect option for residential and commercial roofing replacements, repairs, and more!

Why You Should Choose our Roofing Company in Raleigh

Rain-Go Exteriors has been in the roofing installation and repair industry since 1998 and only uses the best roofing materials.

How does a North Carolina based construction company stay in the residential roofing business for that long with so many changes happening in the industry? The answer is quite simple. Our customers keep us in business! There are still consumers that demand quality above anything else, and at Rain-Go Exteriors we fulfill that need in the Raleigh roofing industry. Call us now because we are one of the most committed and best roofing companies in Raleigh NC.

Our customers know the names of our craftsmen on their roof

and actually share their concerns with us. Can you say that about any of the other roofing companies you have seen in your neighborhood? Our customers enjoy speaking with the owner himself before contracting the roofing job, during roof inspection, and after the job.

Customer service is our #1 goal, and we realize that our friendly relationships with customers are a foreign concept to many. We have also realized that other Raleigh roofing companies subcontract their work out to avoid paying workers compensation and general liability. Roofing business owners have been profitable from these methods – but what about the workers on your roof in the hot sweltering sun or teeth chattering cold? Unlike many businesses, we take pride in taking care of our employees.

We make a difference in employees’ and their families’ lives. Our core business values have brought us success, and we have every intention to maintain our practices for as long as we are in business.

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