Prolonging the Life of Your Home’s Siding 

Siding material covers the outside of your house, protecting the interior and you from the elements outside. Taking steps to prolong the life of your home’s siding saves you money in the long run, and it also keeps your home more comfortable and secure.

Signs of Damaged Siding Raleigh NC

One of the first signs of deteriorating siding on a house is the condition of the paint. When paint begins to flake, chip, and peel, the siding material beneath it becomes susceptible to rot and damage from sun, wind, and rain.

However, many different materials are used for siding, and peeling paint is not an issue with some materials. For example, vinyl siding is manufactured in different colors which do not need painting, although vinyl siding can still develop problems.

Nails or screws hold the siding material to the frame of the building, and the condition of these fasteners is often one of the first signs of siding in need of repair or replacement.

When siding material begins warping, nail heads loosen and raise above the surface of the siding material. This is a sure sign of damage and an indication it’s time to take steps to prolong the life of your home’s siding.

Another area where you can see damage developing in siding is the joints between siding panels. The individual panels of siding should join tightly together without any spaces, gaps, or warping between them.

Several types of pests also attack wooden siding. These include termites, carpenter bees, and even woodpeckers, which bore holes into the wood, eating away at the integrity of the boards and letting in moisture.

Wooden siding can also rot – especially if the paint is not properly maintained – and flaking paint can be a sign of rotten boards underneath. A smell of mildew inside or outside the house can also indicate rotten siding boards.

Changes in the color of the siding are another sign letting you know siding is damaged and needing repair. If rainwater is getting behind the siding material, it often causes stains, streaking, and rusting of fasteners which is visible on the siding.

Prolonging the Life of Siding

You can take steps to prolong the life of the siding on your home.

If the siding material is painted, it is important to keep the paint in good condition. Paint on a house can last for only a few years or for decades, depending on the quality of the paint and workmanship when applying it.

When painting a house, it is crucial to do a good job of preparing the surface before actually applying the paint. In fact, preparation is often as big a job as the actual painting.

Paint preparation involves making sure fasteners are holding securely, filling cracks and voids, sanding old paint, and caulking around windows and doors using the correct type of caulk.

The quality of the workmanship when installing siding also has a lot to do with prolonging the life of the siding material.

Seems between boards or panels must fit tightly and be fastened securely to the framing underneath, or the siding will eventually work loose. Care must be taken so siding materials fit closely around doors and windows.

If pests start working away at the siding on your house, correcting the problem as soon as possible can save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.

Keep caulk around doors and windows in good condition. This prevents entry of water, which can damage the siding, framing, and even the interior walls.

In order to prolong the life of siding on your home for as long as possible, take time to inspect the condition of the exterior of your house at least once a year.

Take action as soon as you see any problems with your home’s siding. And take advantage of the experience and high-quality workmanship of Rain-Go Exteriors, the experts in siding, Raliegh Gutter, Raleigh Roofing, or whatever your home needs repair.

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