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Most Raleigh homeowners choose Rain-Go over other companies because:

Protect Your Home From Bad or Leaky Gutters!

For the ultimate gutter protection against leaves and other debris, you need to have gutter guards. They are a great option if you want to save time cleaning your gutters and downspouts which can also prevent them from clogging. There are many different types of guards for you to choose from, and not all of them work well. Our team has extensive experience installing them in Triangle, and we know which ones work best. There are three main systems that people use:

  1. Gutter Guard Filter Systems
  2. Perforated Gutter Guard Systems
  3. Rain-Go Trusted Guarantee!


Seamless Gutter Replacement In Raleigh and Durham

At Rain-Go we like to get straight to the point in order to not waste your time or money! In our industry many consumers have the mind set that “Gutters Are Just Gutters” and “Really, It Does Not Matter Who Installs Them As Long As The Price Is Cheap!”.

We perform a great deal of work for these customers! You would think because we are cheap? No! Unfortunately it is when they call us for an estimate due to the poor installation and failure of their current gutter system from a prior contractor who is either out of business or will not service their warranty. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with clogged gutters and call us today because we are one of the best seamless gutter companies in Raleigh.

Why Choose Us?

So this is the part where companies usually go on and on about how great they are just like all of our competitors’ websites will do. We know our team is the best in our industry and so do our customers. Now we are going to share our trade secrets with you and hope our competitors can step up their game and their prices to compete with us.

1st Reason

We are a Professional Licensed General Contracting Company; which means we can do it all! Our customers enjoy the benefits of working with one contractor for all of their home exterior projects. Can you imagine how simple our customers have it? One great and highly skilled team of craftsmen that can replace or repair anything on the exterior of your home.

Yes! We are that Good! Check out our photo gallery and read our reviews on Google and Angie’s

2nd Reason

Ask your sales guy when he comes out for that estimate if his company uses Zinc Coated Screws or Stainless Steel Screws. Why does this matter?

Zinc Coated Screws are made for indoor usage only and will rust leaving your home looking like a red polka-dotted house in The Wizard OF OZ! These screws will snap off into the gutter compromising the longevity of your gutter system. You ask why would any honest contractor use this at my home?

They are the cheapest screws around!

We use Stainless Steel Screws that are more expensive but will not rust leaving your home as you desire. Stainless Steel Screws are made to be outside and can withstand the severe changes in climate. Our screws will not snap off or rust into your gutter system.

3rd Reason

We hand-cut our 45 degrees 1 seam Miter vs. 3 Seam Prefabricated Square Box Miters. You may ask, “Why does this detail matter?”.

Our team has the skill and patience to take the 2 adjoining gutters and create only a 1 seam-sealed system. The benefit to you is that you only have 1 chance in that 1 sealed seam for any potential leakage that could cause rot to your exterior.

The visual difference is striking in that our 1 seam corners appear as exterior molding on your home. Take a look through our photo gallery and pay attention to the presentation of our 1 seam corners.

Now let us tell you what skills our competitors do not have and why they must use 3 Seam Prefabricated Square Box Miters on their corners.

The gutter installer takes the 2 adjoining gutters but leaves both ends square on both sides of the corners and a prefabricated 90-degree cover is slid over both square ends of the gutter. The ends are then both screwed to the cover.

Now, this is important because you now have 2 seams but there is also a 3rd seam from the factory-installed cover. These 3 seams will leak as we are well versed in physics and know aluminium does expand and contract with thermal changes.

The sealant will not hold against this contraction and expansion at the 3 seam sites allowing the water to seep into your exterior and slowly rot away your most valuable investment.

In one way we are thankful for these cheap contractors who provide unskilled cheap labor and cheap materials as we move an incredible amount of business through our doors correcting the end results of their work but on the other hand, we grow wearier every year as more and more customers choose to go with the cheapest priced contractor and get exactly what they pay for in the end.

In one way we are thankful for these cheap contractors who provide unskilled cheap labor and cheap materials as we move an incredible amount of business through our doors correcting the end results of their work but on the other hand, we grow wearier every year as more and more customers choose to go with the cheapest priced contractor and get exactly what they pay for in the end.

How many job sites have we been on and heard the homeowner complaining about how bad the prior contractor was and how cheap he did the job but then we think well this is what you wanted a cheap price, then we realize that what the homeowner really wanted was a cheap price but quality workmanship and quality materials with warranties on all of it.

You can only achieve quality with skilled craftsmen who are accountable for their work ethics and with quality materials that will withstand time. Our skilled craftsmen perform works of art on a daily basis with the best quality materials and with the best warranties in the industry; so get a price from us and you will find that yes you can have: quality craftsmen work with quality materials and warranties for a reasonable price.

Gutter Experts in Raleigh NC

Why We are the best gutter contractor in Raleigh Durham

Shall we start with a common phrase that we hear often in our industry? “Gutters Are Just Gutters” and “How Complicated Can It Be?”. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but in our industry, a picture is worth thousands of dollars!

This customer could not view nor be made aware by the contractor of what we call the “Short Shingle Issue”. The contractor may have not been experienced enough to be aware of this or did not want to increase his price in order to get the job as this is a low bidding business. The end result is the fascia surrounding the entire home is now rotted from water running behind the gutter due to the contractor not placing what we call “flashing”. Flashing is a bent piece of metal that’s placed between the shingles and gutters to guide the water from off the roof of the home safely down. This damage is very costly and now the homeowner is going to pay again for the gutter replacement and now for the rotted fascia replacement too. This can and sometimes does go downhill from here as the true extent can not be measured until the fascia is removed and the sub-fascia including the soffit can be examined.

This customer chose an inexperienced gutter installation company with very costly outcomes. The pitch and slope that was created when it was installed caused water to flow over the top of the gutter and into the fascia and sub-fascia which resulted in extensive carpentry repair/replacement.

At Rain-Go we are believe that everyone of our gutter installations are unique, and we listen and work with homeowners on a daily basis who unfortunately hired the wrong gutter company for their home. We want to keep your home safe from the heavy rain, and we do not want you to make the same mistake.

Gutters Installation


You can not install gutters onto rotten wood, fascia, soffit as the gutters will not have the correct pitch nor slope and will eventually fall off of your home. This requires a more costly installation but let us fill you in on what happens in our industry.

Dishonest gutter contractors will tell you that they will be going to replace those rotten areas and install the gutter system at that cheap price. The contractor knows his price will increase if he has to buy the wood, material that needs to be replaced and he most likely does not have a worker who has the skills to replace the rotten soffit, fascia, sub-fascia, wood.

So the gutter installer paints over the rotten areas and screws the gutter into the best area they can find. We literally have tractor trailer loads of bad gutters and rotten wood, fascia, soffit from these gutter contractors. This damage can be very costly in the long-term as the rot continues into the roof/rafters and siding of the home, as the home isn’t draining water off of the roof like it should.


Gutters must have the correct pitch and slope in order to drain water where you need it to go which is away from your home. The contractor has to have skilled gutter installers who are educated in this scope of the industry.

Ask any engineer and he will tell you it is crucial to have the gutters pitched, sloped in a manner to drain the water away from the exterior of your home.Why is this important as they look great? The water sitting in your gutters and back draining is going to rot everything it touches not to mention your home foundation is washing away from the water draining behind and over your gutter system..


Your gutters are useless if your shingles do not extend at least an inch and quarter over the fascia board. Roofing contractors are oblivious to this general contractor’s rule and gutter installers are no better.

This problem is solved by what we call “flashing” which means bending metal. This metal is installed under both courses of shingles and extends to  prevent water from running behind your gutters.

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