The Best Way to Protect your Home in Wet Weather

As the winter months loom and the threat of wet weather becomes more and more eminent, addressing the structural integrity of your roof and gutters is critical. Often times, do it yourself-ers take their knack for self help and try their hand at the intensive undertaking that is gutter installation. While there are innumerable home projects that are a safe place for homeowners to do themselves, where roofs and gutters are concerned, these tasks are often better left in the hands of a professional company. A company with the expertise to see very endeavor to a successful conclusion.

Sometimes Wood isn’t Sound for Gutter Installation

In order for gutters to be securely installed and adhered to a home, the wood must be solid, sound, and lack rotting. A knowledgeable contractor will use an initial appointment to flag any corroded areas that need to be addressed and fixed prior to installation. If this seemingly simple step is missed, it can lead to catastrophic problems down the road. In the video below, we’ve shown the implications of this type of problematic installation.

Gutter Installation isn’t as Simple as Screwing them On

It may seem like all there is to a gutter installation job is attaching them to a home’s roof periphery. However, there are other things to consider. Gutters have to be pitched and sloped in a way so as to allow any water runoff to flow away from the home instead of puddling. Additionally, the runoff design needs to be directed in a way that places the water far enough away from the house in order to prevent flooding and stagnant water saturating a home’s foundation. If the design of the gutter system doesn’t include correct runoff, this can compromise home and yield expensive, disastrous effects.

Gutters and Roofing Work Together

An intensive roof and gutter system work together to protect a home from inclement weather. The shingles on a roof should extend partially over a gutter installation. If they don’t, this can create pockets of water underneath shingles and create water damage. A correctly designed and installed system would ensure that every piece of the puzzle works together to create an effective, seamless system.

Not all Gutters are Created Equal

Traditional gutters that are purchased from home improvement stores may be a cheap, immediate solution, but as time passes, they fail, corrode, and ultimately will need replacement after replacement. A seamless system, like the one employed at Rain-Go, is custom fit to each individual home and project. These gutters are made of non-corrosive copper or aluminum and constructed of the best materials on the market. Seamless systems are most ideal as there are no junction points that are typically hot spots for leaks.

Since no two homes are the same, the gutters are available in an entire spectrum of colors to ensure that the end result of every project is one of aesthetically pleasing functionality.

How to Spot a Good Company

It can be difficult to weed through lists of companies and find one that is going to complete any job correctly the first time. A good indicator that a business is valuable is they will be fully licensed through the state. Ask to see a company’s license number and verify it’s legitimate. Also, check to see that they are accredited through the Better Business Bureau and confirm their grade through that organization.

Some additional things to consider would be what other awards have they received and do they provide any warranties on their work. If the company is corroborated through a business-like Angie’s List, this is a good indication they are beneficial for a home project. If a company doesn’t provide any sort of warranty on their work, this could likely be telling about the craftsmanship of that company. A 10+ year warranty not only indicates confidence in a project’s work but also indicates that the contracting company wants to take care of their customers for the long haul.

Since opening the doors almost 20 years ago, Rain-Go’s founder Tim Howell has pushed the company to be an industry leader in quality and craftsmanship. Rain-Go strives to provide every homeowner with tangible results and beautiful installations. As the winter months approach, there is no better time to address any gutter concerns that pervade a home.

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