What to expect

What to expect upon estimate

A Free, No Obligation Estimate lasting 30 minutes to 1 hour depending upon customer and scope of job desired.

No High Pressure Sales Pitch but an open, honest and educated conversation with a NC Licensed General Contractor that has specialized in all aspects of Exterior Remodeling for over 21 years.

A detailed invoice with options and pricing that is left with the customer.

The ability to make the best educated decision regarding your home.

What to expect if Rain-Go completes your job

All Work completed only by our handpicked team of craftsmen with very extensive backgrounds in the Raleigh roofing,siding,woodwork and seamless gutters Raleigh NC industry and absolutely no subcontractors ever!

If it is not right then it is wrong! We keep it simple! This is why our company is the highest ranked gutter and exterior carpentry company on Angie’s List and we dominate Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill community and work forums such as WakeField, Lochmere, SAS Institute, NCSU and UNC-CH.

Our customer service as a roofing contractor is unmatched from your initial phone call (yes, we do have an office) to the completion of your job. Yet another reason why we are not the fastest nor the cheapest in the business but if you want to spend your money right the first and last time then, Rain-Go Exteriors is definitely your best value!

Our written warranties are Unmatched and Transferable. We actually do service our warranties unlike most other contractors in our industry who provide RED LIGHT WARRANTIES (which is the contractor’s tail lights leaving your driveway after you have paid him).

We have full coverage Worker’s Compensation and General liability; so if by chance our employee has an injury on your property; he can not file a claim against your Home Owner’s Insurance or file a personal claim against you as an individual for any of your assets. Yes! This does happen more than you would like to think in our industry and if the boss does not have any insurance; guess who this employee is going to pursue to pay his/her medical bills and ongoing therapy? (That would be you!) Beware of Ghost Policies (which in our industry covers absolutely nothing but the contractors back when using subcontractors/employees) These policies are meaningless but “Hey, I gave you a copy of my insurance” is what you will hear when an accident occurs! Always verify a contractors insurance in order to avoid a bankruptcy for you!

What not to expect if Rain-Go completes your job

Dishonesty! We are brutally honest in regards to your home’s existing and potential problems from the time of the estimate to completion of your job. We do not pretend or cover up these problems just in order to get your business at a cheap price. The contractor who overlooks these problems with a cheap price knows that you can not or will not be able to see what he has covered up until you start having problems.

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