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If you find that you are constantly needing your gutters cleaned, it may be time to replace them entirely. You are ultimately making a decision between frequent cleanings or purchasing new gutters.

While you are deciding between the options; your fascia/soffit/sub-fascia and siding are slowly rotting away. When your gutters are clogged with debris, water has no where to go but over and behind the gutters. It flows into your fascia and soffit, eventually spreading damage to the rafters. Water also causes mold in the exterior of your home. This is just a sample of what we encounter and resolve on a daily basis.

Another Day at Rain-Go!

Rain-Go Exteriors Brown Nose-Over Gutter Guards

There are only 3 types of Gutter Cover Systems, despite the many brand names on the market.

  1. Reverse Curve Gutter Guard Systems
  2. Gutter Guard Filter Systems
  3. Perforated Gutter Guard Systems

All “Gutter Guards” are not the same – some work much better than others.

The Downfalls of Different Gutter Systems

Reverse Curve Systems

Reverse Curve Systems are based upon the scientific theory of Surface Tension. Water molecules have a high attraction for each other, causing water to have a higher surface tension than most liquids. Basically, these guys like to stay together despite their surface. (You can test this theory by holding a pot sideways under any water source and the water will follow/adhere to the curvature of the pot.) Thus, the Reverse Curve System where the rain water comes down from the roof flows around the curve and finally ends up in your gutter.

The debris is supposed to be directed towards the ground and not in your gutter. However, the flush mount installation requires the panel to be installed just behind the inside lip of the gutter with a typical gap that measures around 1/4 inches. You may ask yourself, “Can the debris fall into that gap between the front lip of the gutter and that curve?” Yes; the debris does fall into that gap making this flush mount system notorious for clogging.

Gutter Guard Filter Systems

Supposedly, Gutter Guard Filter Systems filter your rain water and debris. Salespeople will tell you the filter is a futuristic material unlike anything on the market. However, we have seen and thrown away every “futuristic” filter the industry has ever made in the last 18 years. Have you ever had a filter in any contraption that you did not need to change?

You have to change your oil filter, air conditioner filter and even your water bottle filter. So why would anyone think that that this filter would not need changing? Worse still, they grow beautiful seedlings and other organic matter that nestles in the filter pores along with the dirt. Add leaves, shingle grit, and top it off with tree sap and you actually do have a futuristic looking device.

Perforated Gutter Guard Systems

Perforated Gutter Guard Systems are better than nothing and are only appropriate in certain situations. They consist of either steel or aluminum panels that lay flat inside your gutter. The panels look like a spaghetti noodle strainer. In order to remove the buildup of waste, they must be thoroughly turned over and cleansed thoroughly. The tops of the panels also need to be cleaned due to debris buildup. This system will only work if you adhere to regular, high-maintenance cleanings.

Rain-Go’s Nose-Over Curved System

At Rain-Go in Raleigh, we have chosen the Nose-Over Curved System; which is mounted to the top outer front lip of the gutter thus allowing debris an easy exit route to fall to the ground. This Nose-Over System is not flush mounted and is different in many ways from the other systems. It does not lay on top of your gutter forming a trough for debris to collect on such as the perforated guards, nor does it sit inside your gutter such as a filter collecting organic matter and dirt clogging up your gutter.

No system is 100% maintenance free, but the Nose-Over System simplifies cleaning! It is easily maintained once a year by sweeping off the tops from the ground. Yes; we did say from the ground as we leave the homeowner a telescopic broom with every complete installation. If you do not believe this system works, just read our homeowner reviews regarding our Nose-Over System.

Additionally, look at our photo gallery to see how well the Nose-Over blends with the roof line. It comes in a range of colors to maximize visual appeal.

Before and After Pictures

Raleigh Gutter Guard Color Options

These are only a few of our Nose-Over Gutter Guard colors that we have available. Other colors are available upon request.

Raleigh Gutter Guard Videos

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Customer Reviews for our Gutter Guard Installation

“My house, as built, didn’t have any gutters on the front or side, and I never wanted to install them because I thought it would make the house loose some of its charm. But the gutters that Rain-Go put in are beautiful, just like those marketing photos you see on the Internet. I mean, the colors match the trim, the shingles run seamlessly onto the gutter covers, all the trim and detail is just perfect. My wife makes fun of me since I’m always bragging about my new gutters, and standing in the front yard admiring them. Since they were installed, there’ve been a couple of heavy rainstorms, and I’ve walked around with an umbrella in hand to see how the gutters work, and they’re just perfect. I just look at the way everyone else’s gutters are clogged with the fall leaves–and mine aren’t.

After taking a close look at the work Tim’s team did, I’m really impressed at how good of a job they did. You get so used to seeing other contractors cut corners, do things incorrectly, or don’t fix things that it’s a pleasant surprise when a company like Rain-Go steps in and does things right, repairs things that would’ve become a long-term problem, but which a lot of contractors sweep under the carpet. Tim’s team is neat, professional, and very knowledgeable. They take pride in doing things right, and everything they do just looks professional. If you’ve ever watched “This Old House”, and wish you had the guys on the TV show come out to do your place, Rain-Go is it–it’s just like having the PBS TV team come out, minus the cameras. They know so much more than how to do gutters–they can do just about anything.

Everybody on the team has worked together for years–there’re are none of those drifter guys who work in construction who do sloppy work on Tim’s team, and to top it off, Tim supervisors them personally, as he only keeps on staff one team of workers. These guys are about the only ones who’ve ever done work on the outside of my house who I’d trust entirely to say to them, “Hey, just take care of this for me”, and everything would be done right without me having to check up on them.

I’m sure you could save a few dollars by going with a lower bidder, but I guarantee that the other team won’t do as good a job as Rain-Go.”

– B.W. (Cary, NC – October 2, 2014)

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